X3 Bar System

Triple Your Gains

Transform Your Physique in 10 Minutes a Day.

X3 Bar System

Introducing the X3 Bar System

The X3 Bar System is a revolutionary, patented new fitness system that is not cardio or weights, and will get you better results than either in just 10 minutes a day. 

X3 is a serious fitness tool, with scientific evidence to back it up. The below images show Dr. Jaquish’s actual progress after using the prototype X3 system for one year. 

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Before, During, and After X3 Use

Using the X3

The below images depict workout one and workout two, the only exercises you have to do to activate every major muscle group in the body and fatigue them to the extreme for maximum results.  Each workout really does take only 10 minutes, and can be performed on alternating days. There is also a more intense 12 week program, designed for users who want to get the most out of their X3 Bar System.

X3 Workout Set One

Exercise #1: Chest Press: Band is doubled, wrapped around shoulders below the deltoids. Bar is pressed outward.

Exercise #2: Tricep Pushdown: Band is doubled, wrapped around trapezius muscles, NOT the neck. Bar is pressed downward.

Exercise #3: Overhead Press: Band is singled, wrapped around ground plate, and bar is pressed overhead. Bottom position is at chin level.

Exercise #4: Squat: Band is wrapped around ground plate and held on top of shoulders. Bend knees and return to standing position.

X3 Workout Set Two

Exercise #5: Deadlift: Band is doubled, wrapped around ground plate. Body bends at the hips.

Exercise #6: Bent Row: Band is doubled, wrapped around ground plate, and bar is pulled into abdomen.

Exercise #7: Bicep Curl: Band is singled, wrapped around ground plate. Bar is lifted to focus on bicep contraction.

Exercise #8: Calf Raise: Band is doubled, wrapped around ground plate. Bar is held with straight arms and heels are raised and lowered.


Don’t take our word for it, here is actual customer feedback from X3 owners, including members of the military, personal trainers, professional body builders, athletes, gym owners, and average people.

For more information about the X3 Bar System, and to purchase, visit www.x3bar.com.

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