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Doing Things Different for Over 40 Years

We've been building commercial gym equipment for over 40 years, but we've always done things a little different from the rest of the industry. Why we do things the way we do? Read our three-part blog series for all the details...

At Legend Fitness, we make commercial gym equipment meant to withstand hundreds of heavy reps a day. It is among the most sought-after equipment in the high school, collegiate, and professional athletics realm, as well as in the membership-based gym industry. But buying Legend Fitness equipment isn’t as easy as searching on Amazon and snagging whatever you find. We do things differently here, and for good reason!

How We Work For You

Legend Fitness products are made to order in Knoxville, Tennessee, not bolted-together somewhere in the US using parts shipped from overseas. And while we manufacture everything from strength training equipment to storage solutions, we also work with some of the top cardio, accessory, and flooring vendors in the world, making it so you can outfit your entire gym easily. Buying direct from Legend Fitness also means extra benefits for you.

Get all the details on how we work for you by reading our blog post about it.

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What Sets Us Apart

We wanted to highlight what really sets us apart, all in one place. When you order from Legend Fitness you don’t get some one-size-fits-most constructor set in a box. You get a heavy duty piece of equipment designed to suit your needs, from its very function, to its finished look.

Sure, Legend Fitness makes commercial gym equipment built to last, but that’s not all we do. We offer the largest selection of standard color choices, giving you nearly endless ways to make your equipment match your team colors or brand. We also offer the most personalization options, making it easy to show off your team spirit or logo. And because we offer so many options, it just makes sense that we make everything to order.

That’s the short version of what sets us apart, though. For the longer version, check out the blog post.

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American Made To Order

You might have seen us mention that we make all of our strength and fitness equipment in the USA here and there. You have probably seen Knoxville, Tennessee mentioned a couple of times or ten. Let’s face it, we’re proud of the fact that our equipment is made in the USA! But what a lot of people don’t realize is just how much of what we make is actually made in Tennessee, and what goes into fabricating and shipping a piece of Legend Fitness equipment.

Of course we have our metal shop, where we cut, drill, bend, and weld American steel into Legend Fitness equipment. But what people don’t realize is that we also have in-house wood and upholstery shops, so we can build platforms and finish all of our upholstered products in the same space we build all the metal pieces. We also have a shipping department that works hard to make sure every piece of Legend Fitness equipment that heads out our doors is properly protected.

Read all the details on how what “American Made” means to us at Legend Fitness by clicking below.

Find Out What “American Made” Means To Us

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