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The Pro Series Modular Cage System

Modular Cages = Endless Options

Configure a cage network to create the ultimate custom-built workout space.
Read on to see how it works, or click here to see the whole Modular Cage System lineup.

If you’re looking to build a multi-functional centerpiece for your training facility, the Pro Series Modular Cage System is exactly what you need. This is a flexible system that allows you to configure a network of cages, modules, connectors, and accessories.

Building a rig system from Modular cages gives users the ability to get a full workout in one area. Connecting crossmembers provide additional areas for pull-ups and suspension training. They also provide shared rigidity beyond what single cages provide on their own. The integrated Fusion Modules give you even more versatility within a given footprint.

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How it Works: Three Steps to Build Your Ultimate Jungle

STEP 1: Choose Your Cage

Choose from either the Pro Series Modular Half Cage or the Pro Series Modular Power Cage to start building your ideal setup.

STEP 2: Select Fusion Modules

With seven Fusion Modules that can be bolted to one of our Modular cages, you can turn a standard rig system into a serious workout center. The Fusion Modules add a unique layer of flexibility to an otherwise ordinary cage. Create a cable crossover by adding two Cable Column Modules to back-to-back cages. Add an Inside Lat Pulldown/Bench Row Module for a space-saving back trainer. Choose one of two Destroyer Modules to build explosive speed without utilizing any extra floor space. You get the idea.

STEP 3: Add Connectors & Accessories

With two different lengths of side-to-side and back-to-back connectors, you can create as big or small of a rig as you need. And since the Modular Cage System is part of the Pro Series lineup, you can choose any Pro Series attachments to customize your build. From Single Landmines to Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles, Dip Attachments to Technique Trays and more. Add what you need to make your Modular Cage the ultimate workout station!

Modular Series Cages, Fusions, Connectors, & Accessories

  • Modular Series Cages

    Pro Series Modular Half Cage


  • Pro Series Modular Power Cage

  • Fusion Modules

    Fusion 1 Inside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module


  • Fusion 2 Outside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module


  • Fusion 3 Cable Column Module


  • Fusion 4 Destroyer Module


  • Fusion 5 Half Cage Module with Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar


  • Fusion 5 Half Cage Module with Skinny Bar


  • Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Module


  • Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

  • Connectors

    72-Inch Side-to-Side Connector


  • 96-Inch Side-to-Side Connector


  • 72-Inch Back-to-Back Connector


  • 96-Inch Back-to-Back Connector

  • Pro Series Accessories

    Pro Series Accessories

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