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Created by Andre Agassi and Gil Reyes, the Speedway Circuit was developed to help build athletic strength and agility in a safer way. Legend Fitness builds it strong and durable, to stand up to years of hard training and hundreds of athletes. Click here to see it all now, or scroll down for more details.

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It’s time to change our thinking when it comes to athletic training.

Speedway Circuit was born when Andre Agassi and Gil Reyes went to train with Carl Lewis. Agassi needed to improve his movement, not just build muscle. This prompted Reyes to research new training methods, and after years of development, this set of machines was born. While it has come a long way from the late 1990s, the premise of Speedway Circuit has not changed. It focuses on athletic movement without forcing athletes to beat up their joints or put too much strain on muscles and ligaments. Click here to see the full lineup, or keep reading for more details.

Traditional exercises for athletic development have too great a risk for injury.

This system offers a new, safer way to build agility and athletic strength. With variable resistance driven by springs and more athletic movements, athletes are less likely to suffer training-related injuries when using Speedway Circuit. Less chance of risk means faster recovery times between workouts, which allows for more intense workouts more often, and thus bigger gains all around. This system has proven time and again to build strong, fast champions who can stay in their sport longer than those who only train using traditional methods.

Are you building your athletes up, or beating them up?
Often, they look the same.

Using spring-driven variable resistance and ergonomically designed to mimic natural movements, Speedway Circuit focuses on building champions. The lineup has machines developed for strength, speed, quickness, and agility. Athletes can use high resistance to build strength, or low resistance to do speed work, and do it all on one set of machines. The unique designs of Speedway Circuit reduce the risk of training-related injury, which means more time on the field or court, and less time in rehabilitation.

Speedway Circuit was not designed to replace a weight room, but to enhance it.

Speedway Circuit is a set of five machines, available for purchase as a group only. After all, the value isn’t just in one or two pieces, but in the system as a whole. The five machines can line up along a wall, or bolt together to form a five-sided circuit. As a whole, up to five athletes can train at a time. Each machine is self-contained, so there’s no cleaning up bars or plates in between athletes either. This all means that teams have the ability to train more efficiently than ever.

Because Speedway Circuit is built by Legend Fitness, you know that your system will last for years. Made from mandrel bent, 11-gauge steel with durable powder coating, the frames will stay sturdy and low maintenance. High quality upholstery and aviation-grade cables mean your athletes can put each machine through the ringer, without you having to worry about taking time off because of machine breakdown. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Legend Fitness piece of equipment if all of our standard personalization options weren’t included as well.

The Speedway Circuit Machines

The Speedway Circuit allows users to build speed and strength in a safe way. The unparalleled agility development produces strong, fast athletes. The variable resistance allows for both strength development and cardio work at the same time. Check out each machine below to learn about this unique line of athletic training equipment. While each machine is highlighted on its own product page, the Speedway Circuit machines are not available individually. The entire circuit must be purchased as a whole to ensure full effectiveness.

The Super Stride

The Speedway Circuit Super Stride was created after training with Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, and it offers the ultimate “bring those knees up” exercise! It was developed to strengthen the often-ignored iliopsoas muscles, which are critical for speed and push off. It also trains abductors which are important for lateral strength.

The Super Stride features two padded rollers, each mounted at the end of an articulating arm. These arms drive the cables, which are connected to the spring-loaded resistance selector. A whopping fifteen levels of resistance allows athletes of all skill levels to build strength gradually. The padded elbow pad under the ergonomic grip bar allows athletes to maintain stability without sacrificing comfort. The open design and multiple grip options allows for multiple ways to move within this machine.

Get the Details on The Super Stride

The A Train

The Speedway Circuit A Train focuses on increasing lateral acceleration. The A Train has been proven to benefit not only the side to side movements of tennis players or shortstops, but also in developing strength for pitching, hitting, and more.

The two curved non-skid footplates are mounted perpendicular to the floor. The curved footplate helps relieve stress on the knees during exercise. Athletes can work one leg at a time, or put both feet on the machine and alternate legs for speed work. Fifteen resistance stops allow athletes of all skill levels to build strength gradually. The ergonomic grip bar and padded elbow pad makes for a stable, yet comfortable, place to hang on while working on the A Train.

See the A Train

Ground & Pound

The Speedway Circuit Ground & Pound is similar to a standing leg press, but allows for unilateral movements and speed work. It’s simple: athletes sink their hips and lift their knees. They can move fast with low resistance, or slow with high resistance. The Ground & Pound builds power and speed by working the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Two non-skid footplates are mounted and move perpendicular to the floor, sliding smoothly on chrome rods. The flootplates work the spring-driven variable resistance, giving athletes 15 ways to build strength and speed. The ergonomically-placed grip handle and padded elbow rest make it easy and comfortable to hold on while pushing through tough sets or rapid movement reps.

Find Out More about the Ground & Pound

Motor WRX

The Speedway Circuit Motor WRX is ideal for increasing straight line acceleration and speed. It is a must-have for any sport that requires quick starts or long series of accelerations. Sprinters, track and field athletes, tennis players, baseball players, soccer players, football players, and more will all benefit from working on the Motor WRX.

The angled non-skid footplates and chrome guide rods allow for a more natural forward motion, imitating starting blocks. Fifteen levels of resistance make it so that athletes of all skill levels can benefit from the Motor WRX. Multiple grip options and a padded arm rest allow for comfort and security while working legs and glutes.

See More on the Motor WRX

Change Of Direction

The unique Speedway Circuit Change Of Direction, or COD, was developed to fill the need to safely train explosive change of direction. This innovative articulated design moves with the athlete while providing 15 stages of resistance. The non-linear movement also allows athletes to safely perform variable resistance squats and much more.

The arm adjusts to various heights easily, allowing athletes of various statures to find just the right starting position. The hand grips and densely padded shoulder pads keep everything in place comfortably while. The arm pivots side-to-side and moves up and down smoothly, allowing for a very dynamic range of motion. The arm of the COD clicks down into a vertical position, so it is out of the way when not in use.

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