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War Room

Legend Fitness was by far the best choice we could have made for equipment when we opened the War Room. The equipment we purchased is absolutely amazing. The quality of each piece is better then I imagined. Dealing with David Ball has been a pleasure and extremely effortless. Legend Fitness makes sure to respond promptly to any questions and gets you the equipment in a timely manner. The War Room would not be what it is today without you guys. Our next War Room gym will be equipped all the way around with Legend Fitness equipment. I will not be purchasing from anyone else. If any new or current gym owner is out searching tirelessly for quality equipment for a quality price like I did, I will always recommend dealing with Legend Fitness. We are a locally owned and operated gym. In our first 30 days of opening our family grew by 143 people. It continues to grow today. I have no doubt it is in large part to the way our gym is equipped with Legend Fitness equipment. Thank you guys for helping make this dream happen.

Chris Reed

Former Owner of War Room

The War Room in Clarksville, Tennessee is one of the most remarkable-looking gyms we’ve seen in a long time! Filling the floor, War Room has a variety of Legend Fitness equipment, including Olympic benches with plate storage, a Performance Series Half Cage, the fantastically versatile LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift, and the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus. All of the equipment is finished in Textured Black with Mars Red accessories and American Beauty upholstery, which looks great nestled among some dang impressive artwork. The walls were painted by Ben Drawdy of No Egrets Tattoo, a friend of former War Room owner Chris Reed, and the art does a great job making War Room a really fun and unique place to work out!


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