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Valid Fitness

Valid Fitness, located in Hudson, New Hampshire has the unique claim of being the only gym with Legend Fitness equipment in the whole state. It’s also one of the few Reseda Green installations we’ve done. They thoughtfully designed their space to be a place where people will feel motivated to develop the discipline to change their lives. Valid Fitness is a place where people can go to escape every day life, be supported in their goals, and be held accountable to achieve them. They offer full 24/7 access (even on holidays), a selection of supplements for purchase, and 1-on-1 personal training or pilates sessions. What they don’t have is group classes and a bunch of useless “filler” machines that take up space without providing much function. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, when they say “you won’t find a better gym” we’re inclined to believe them!

The Valid Fitness team chose Legend because it’s American made. And also because our equipment is “built for athletic performance from beginners to more advanced lifters, everyone can benefit from their unique design and purpose”. That’s what we like to hear! This incredible space has a selection of selectorized and plate-loaded pieces, plus a small cardio section. They offer dumbbells up to 150 pounds and curl bars up to 110 pounds. It is truly a space for both novice fitness enthusiasts to serious lifters!

The highlight of their space is the huge selection of plate-loaded equipment, much of it LeverEDGE. The focus here is important to their customers because of “its unique design to challenge muscle contraction and joint stability since it has no cables, no pulleys, no friction and for that reason providing direct energy transfer from the machine to the muscle, helping beginners lifters to increase their motor control when learning while challenging advanced lifters by increasing their quality of contraction and motor control while using less weight than other brands.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

The Legend Fitness equipment in Valid Fitness is finished in Reseda Green and Stone Grey. Upholstery is Olive Green and Bisque.

Check out this video showing off the Valid Fitness space in all its glory:

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