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University of Central Oklahoma

At the University of Central Oklahoma we are the standard for athletic excellence and we have built an athletic facility that is second to none. It only makes sense to put “the standard” of strength equipment in our facility. Our athletes and our coaches are excited about partnering with Legend Fitness.

Jason Smelser

Linebackers Coach

When it came time for the University of Central Oklahoma to redo their athletic training facility they called Legend Fitness. Between our world class strength equipment being “the standard” for excellence and all of our personalization options, it was a done deal! This athletic training center is full of state-of-the art strength training equipment. The space includes Pro Series Modular Cages with Fusion 2 and Fusion 7 modules, Belt Squat Machines, and Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combos. There are also Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Benches with custom wear guards. The list of everything in the space is pretty extensive, so we’ll stop there.

UCO took advantage of our two-tone powder coat and custom laser engraved nameplates. Additional custom pieces really drive home the Bronchos* brand. The custom logos in the rubber flooring finish everything off perfectly. And if you look closely you’ll see custom weight plates and the Bronchos name etched into the safety arms too.

All in all, this Post Office Blue and Signal Yellow training center is one of the finest we’ve seen in awhile. It is certain to continue to set the bar for athletic excellence!

*No, that’s not a typo. We checked… quite a few times.

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