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University of Buffalo

"This new equipment gives us a big advantage and makes the room significantly more functional ..."

Ryan Cidzik

Strength and Conditioning Coach

University of Buffalo Mockup

The University of Buffalo athletics department installed state-of-the-art equipment in the Morris Sports Performance Center with the help of Legend Fitness. “This new equipment gives us a big advantage and makes the room significantly more functional,” Ryan Cidzik, head strength and conditioning coach for football, said.

UB installed 12 new pro-style squat and power racks and 12 new pro-style adjustable benches. The room is also equipped with two sets of urethane dumbbells. New to the performance center is a belt squat machine and four pro-style cable pull down machines. Cidzik said that even more new equipment will be installed in the center by end of the summer.

The mockup, pictured to the right, was provided to the University of Buffalo before they placed their order. It allowed them to get an idea of what their cages would look like in the colors they wanted. Ultimately they decided to add their logo to the wearguards on the bench and custom post decals to the cages as well.

The Morris Sports Performance Center is a “lab space” for more than 500 UB varsity student-athletes. Completed in 2006, it features over 12,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art equipment for both aerobic and strength training. The space allows large-squad teams, such as football, track & field, and women’s rowing to train as a team and is essential to the day-to-day strength and conditioning efforts of UB’s varsity student-athletes.

All equipment finished in Textured Black and Patriot Blue with black upholstery.


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