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Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition, manufacturer of nutrition supplements was looking to build a playground for themselves. They take lifting seriously, which is why they reached out to Legend. They wanted a playground, and that’s what they got! That’s the short story. The long story?

Well, there are three Three-Way Utility Benches, a Pro Series Olympic Flat, Pro Series Olympic Incline, a Pro Series Olympic Shoulder, and a Pro Series Olympic Decline. There are several LeverEDGE pieces including the LeverEDGE Shoulder Press, LeverEDGE Incline Bench Press, LeverEDGE Flat Chest Press, LeverEDGE Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift, LeverEDGE Unilateral Tricep Dip and the LeverEDGE Seated Vertical Row. Other machines include a Squat Machine, a T-Bar Row, a Dip/Ab/Push-Up station, a Preacher Curl, a Smith Machine, an 8′ by 8′ Lifting Platform, a Rear Delt/Pec Fly Combo, a Cable Crossover Plus and much, much more! And we didn’t even get to all the weight storage yet, because there’s plenty of that as well.

The machinery is decked out in our Clear Coat powder finish, which allows the raw steel to show through and really pops against the bright yellow walls. The upholstery is a mix of American Beauty Red, Black, and Greystone.

As of 2022, Clear Coat is no longer available as a finish option.

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