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Team GB Olympic Training Center at Keio University

The Keio University training facility was located within the spacious Keio University Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall building, which was completed in March 2020. There were two areas in this installation. One room, which housed all of the Legend Fitness equipment, was dedicated to general strength and conditioning. The other room was pure weightlifting training with two Werksan weightlifting platforms (weighing over half a ton each) and was complemented with an ice recovery bath.

This was the most photogenic site, and many of the photographers and athletes were encouraged to take pictures in front of the “gold lion” wall. Aesthetics aside, this is a powerful and inspiring training space for Team GB Olympians.

Equipment chosen for this location included various Jet Black Olympic benches and utility benches, and a SelectEDGE Cable Crossover that framed the gold wall logo. However, the centerpieces were the connected Performance Series Power Cages in the colors of the Olympic rings.

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