Spooky Nook Indoor Sports Complex – Legend Fitness
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Spooky Nook Indoor Sports Complex

It’s not a haunted breakfast corner, it’s one of the largest (if not THE largest) indoor training facilities in the world! Like, really big. Like, has-it’s-own-hotel-and-restaurant big. This is Six Flags For Sweating and it owes its funny name to its location on Spooky Nook Road. With more than 700,000 square feet under one roof and over 50 acres of outdoor facilities, the Spooky Nook Sports facility has the unique capacity to simultaneously host clubs, leagues, tournaments and championship events throughout every season.

While you may find everything from a climbing center to a 200-meter track to batting cages here, our focus is on the Legend-equipped 60,000 square foot fitness center. Spooky Nook went with a blend of selectorized, free weight, and body weight items, all finished in Red Rock with black upholstery.

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