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Results Gym & Fitness

When Bryan and Chelsea Capener decided to open a gym in the scenic small town of Tremonton, UT, they couldn’t afford to make any decisions twice. What they bought to equip their gym needed to last and it needed to be better than what was offered in the other gym in town. “We looked around at equipment for a year,” says Chelsea. “We started with Legend at the top of our list, started to favor of couple of other brands that were locally available, but came back to Legend because of a few reasons. Number one, we really, really liked Don (sales manager). Number two, the equipment seemed to be more heavy duty, just better built than the other stuff we looked at, and number three, the customer service was just awesome.”

Results Gym & Fitness is truly a Legend-only gym, and the Capeners made several selections from all sections of the catalog. We even supplied them with the rubber flooring.

The Results Gym inventory goes something like this: a 3221 Pro Series Power Cage, a 3226 Pro Series Half Cage with 3222 Pro Series Bench, a 3240 Pro Series Olympic Flat, a 3241 Pro Series Olympic Incline, a 3243 Pro Series Olympic Decline, a 3124 Smith Machine, a 3122 Angle Leg Press, a 3113 Dip/Ab/Push-Up, a 960 Cable Crossover Plus, a 3119 Seated Calf, a 3110 Incline Lever Row, a 946 Standing Bicep/Tricep Combo, a 902 Shoulder Press, a 900 Chest Press, a 901 Pec Deck, a 3102 Decline Utility Bench, a 3104 Multi-Purpose Bench, a 3100 Utility Flat, two 3103 Three-Way Benches, a 3114 Preacher Curl, a 3127 45 Degree Hyper, a 3159 Accessory Rack, a 3176 Sit-Up Board & Ladder, a 931 Seated Leg Press, a 918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo, a 905 Lat Pulldown, a 906 Seated Row, and the kitchen sink. All were finished in Platinum Sparkle powder coat with American Beauty Red upholstery.

We wish the Capeners the best of luck, and if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check out Results Gym & Fitness!

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