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Nashville Predators

With a ferocity that matches the Smilodon featured in their logo, the Nashville Predators are making their impact in a sport that is known for hard hitting. In order to meet the daily challenges of this rough-and-tumble sport, the Predators need their athletes to be in top physical condition, with physical strength to spare.

Learning of Legend Fitness and our growing reputation for good design, good quality and a good price, they came to us for a few items that they felt were missing from their training facility, and with a unique request. A short while later, we delivered a Three-Way Utility Bench, a 3104 Multi-Purpose Bench, Bumper Plate Racks, a couple of 3194 Lifting Platforms customized with Predator logos… and a couple of special items.

At their request we dreamed up two sets of portable Olympic bar stands to complement their platforms. Don’t look for these babies in the catalog, they’re not in there. But you can look to Legend to provide you with the equipment to meet your fitness goals — even if it doesn’t exist yet.

All Legend Fitness equipment is finished in Olympia White with Royal upholstery.

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