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Mass Power Barbell Club

The Mass Power Barbell Club in Peoria, Arizona makes no excuses. Owner JD Campbell sought to create a HARDCORE power lifting environment, where chalk and loud grunts waft in the air and a smoothie machine is not to be found. Within a 6,000 sq. ft. area, this facility boasts 11,000 lbs. of free weights, 7 types of bars dumbbells up to 160 lbs. Mass Power is equipped almost exclusively with the latest Legend equipment, the centerpiece being six Jet Black/Platinum Sparkle 3221 Pro Series Power Cages fully optioned with full rubber 3223R insert platforms, Silver Vein 3246 Inverted Safety Arms and 3247 Inverted Monster Hooks for work in front of the cage, LandMine attachments, independent dip attachments, 3221T Tech Trays and Swivel Pull-Up Grips. There is also a Jet Black/Platinum Sparkle 3226 Pro Series Half Cage with platform and six Platinum Sparkle 3222 Pro Series Three-Way Self-Adjusting Benches with black pads. There are also two 3214 Pro Series GHDs, a 3229 Pro Series Incline Lever Row, a 3228 Pro Series Seated Lat/Floor Row, several utility benches, two 3191 Pro Style Dumbbell Racks, a 3127 45 Degree Hyper, two 3234 Adjustable Reverse Hypers, a 3218 Plyo Swing, three 3254 Adjustable Squat Seats, some plateholders and even a 3259 Chalk Bowl, all finished in Platinum Sparkle with Dove Gray pads.

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