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Maryville College

The Maryville College weight room houses 4 Pro Series Power Cages, 2 Modular Power Cages equipped with Cable Column Fusion Modules, as well as 2 Modular Half Cages featuring Inside Lat Pulldown/Bench Row Fusion Modules, and all 8 cages have a Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Bench. To add in some lower body machinery, we have a Unilateral Angle Leg Press, Glute Ham w/ Split Pad, and a Leg Extension/Curl Combo. A Long Kettlebell Rack and 8 fully loaded Multi Storage Racks keep this space neat and tidy.

The equipment is finished in Jet Black and Wine Red with black upholstery. The floor is covered with Ecore Everlast UltraTile and Playrite Turf. The machinery, upholstery and flooring have Maryville custom logos.

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