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Legend Fitness Showroom

What kind of fitness equipment manufacturer would we be if we didn’t have a fully stocked showroom that doubles as an employee gym? Our showroom/on-site workout facility is stocked with the best of the best in Legend Fitness equipment, from LeverEdge to a Vibeplate Platform, all selected to showcase our our equipment and to visitors, but also provide employees with a place to pump some iron should they desire. It also features equipment from other vendors we work with, such as Ecore, UMax, and Sports Art. Everything is finished in Legend Fitness colors, Mars Red and Jet Black with black and red upholstery, plus a little Platinum Sparkle thrown in for good measure.

If anything, our showroom here at Legend Fitness is a great example of how you can make a smaller space (54 feet by 37 feet) work for a variety of equipment, with there still being plenty of room to move around.

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