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Klein Forest High School

A high school in the Houston, Texas area featuring a very clean, integrated look with our oak insert platforms installed flush with the Everlast UltraTile flooring. Eight 3227 Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cages and three 3155 Performance Series Double-Sided Half Cages in Silver Vein with Evergreen crossmembers are complemented by four 3140 Destroyers, three 3169 dumbbell racks, a 3224 Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo, four 3311 Core Spiders, four 3400 Modular Push/Pull Sleds, ten 3350 Partner GHDs, six 918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combos, four 943 Neck Machines, four 971 Pro Series Seated Lat Pulldown/Low Rows, and several utility benches.

All equipment is finished in Silver Vein with Evergreen accents and Forest upholstery.

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