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Katy High School

"Quality is the most important thing to us. This program deserved far better than the old stuff we had. We needed our equipment to be efficient and diverse. We wanted our athletes to be rejuvenated by our equipment and fieldhouse renovations. Legend Fitness was something that caught our eyes because of durability, appearance, versatility and attachments. After using Legend equipment for a year, we are very pleased with our decision. Legend fitness did a great job on our floor installation as well."

J.D. Williams

Strength Coach & Boys Track Coach

The nationally ranked Top 10 football team at Katy High School in Katy, Texas was due for a weight room overhaul. Their old racks were made by a company no longer in business, so ongoing maintenance was a challenge. Their jammers were falling apart and had to be re-welded every year. Their seasons start in the weight room, and not only does the football team use the facility, but all other teams do too. Over 900 athletes use the weight room in the summer-time. It was time for an overhaul, indeed. This top-ranked, hard-working team deserved better, and thanks to accumulated Booster Club funds, they were able to build something worthy.

When researching strength and fitness equipment, the Katy High School staff found Legend Fitness. The quality of Legend Fitness equipment, combined with the cost and the variety available, made it easy for them to make their decision. It was an added bonus that Legend Fitness was able to also provide flooring, weights, bars, and other accessories the team would need to get stronger. The 4,000 square foot Katy High School facility was rebuilt from the floor up.

In the new fieldhouse you’ll find Pro Series Modular Power Cages with various Fusion modules and attachments, Three-Way Benches, storage galore, RBE/GHD combos, and more. All of it finished in Mars Red with black upholstery and custom post decals. The flooring features an inlaid Katy High School mascot logo.

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