Hubbard High School – Legend Fitness
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Hubbard High School

A moderate-sized installation in Hubbard High School in east Ohio. Platforms with the school’s eagle logo run down the center of the facility, complemented by bumper plate racks. Along one wall are Pro Series Half Cages and Pro Series Three-Way Self-Adjusting Benches. Lining the other wall are various plate-loaded, pin select, and bodyweight items that are essential to a complete strength-building program in high school athletes, such as a Pro Series GHD, a standing calf raise, a lat pulldown/row combo, an angle leg press and some other pieces.

All Legend Fitness equipment is finished in Patriot Blue with black pads, with the exception of the cages. The Pro Series Half Cages are Storm Grey with Patriot Blue crossmembers and accessories, plus custom post decals. The benches have embroidered eagle heads on the wearguards and the platforms have custom eagle logos on them as well.

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