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Harding Academy

"One of the first times we toured the facility, a lot of the people were saying that they could envision an NFL team working out in this room. It's the truth, and we feel like that's the kind of quality we've been able to get through Legend."

Coach Ryan Derrick

Harding Academy of Memphis is a private school in, oddly enough, Memphis, TN that sought to create the best weight room that a generous donation could provide. After doing some research, then turning and looking out his office at the limited floorspace, Coach Ryan Derrick knew his equipment needed to be versatile for floorspace and technically correct to accommodate the strength program he wanted to implement. Additionally, the athletic program was in the midst of re-branding itself with new logos, uniforms and wall decoration, so the equipment needed to look good and match their color scheme.

Enter Legend Fitness and the Pro Series Fusion Lat Pulldown/Low Row half cage. Harding Academy was actually the first recipient of this new concept in “hybrid” cages. The Legend Fusion cage differentiates itself from the competition by allowing the user to perform the back exercises within the cage, freeing up more of Coach Derrick’s floorspace. Or, actually, in this case allowing him to fit fourteen of them in a shoebox-shaped room and then link them together with our Modular Connectors for shared rigidity. To help with the Harding Lions’ re-branding mission, the Legend sales associate specified Everlast Ultra Tile flooring in team colors with custom inlaid logos and finished the cages in Patriot Blue and Jet Black, with black upholstery and custom wearguard embroidery.

In the next room, Legend and Westside Barbell equipment expanded Coach Derrick’s exercise options even further to keep his young student athletes strong and in the shape they needed to be to withstand the punishing rigors of football.

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