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Executive Coatings

Ryan, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done from start to finish with our gym. The end result is amazing. The first contact with Legend Fitness was very easy, they put me in touch with you by giving me your cell and email address. After calling you and talking about what we wanted to achieve and the equipment we needed, you setup a site visit to come by and see the space. Once you saw the space, you gave your opinion on the best setup and I must say you were right on the layout and equipment needed. Going over the initial order and picking out colors was very easy, thank you for bringing by the color swatches to match our logo. Your timeline on the order was exactly what you had promised, no delays in production or delivery. Once delivered, the installers you referred us to did a great job of getting everything setup and working properly. Now that we have had the gym up and running for a couple weeks I can say that the equipment is top notch. Very good quality of everything we have in our office gym. My employees are so happy that the equipment is “better than their gym’s equipment”. Some have canceled their gym memberships due to having everything at our office. Thanks again for everything you have done start to finish with our gym. I will definitely be referring you to any friends doing home gyms, office gyms or professional gyms.

Darrow Rogers

President of Executive Coatings

Executive Coatings Floor Plan Layout by Ryan Walker

When Executive Coatings needed a place for their employees to stay fit they turned to Legend Fitness to make it happen. Legend Fitness worked with Executive Coatings to plan out the space and the equipment needed to make sure the space was functional without being over-crowded. Executive Coatings took full advantage of our personalization options, branding their equipment with their logo on both their platform and their Pro Series Three-Way Self-Adjusting Bench.

This gym is packed with equipment to help employees get workouts in when they can. It’s got everything from a Pro Series Half Cage and a Smith Machine to a SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus and a Sit-up Board, plus some free weights and Legend Fitness barbells. All of the equipment is finished in Textured Black and Patriot Blue, with either black or Royal upholstery, an eye-catching combo that matches the Executive Coatings logo perfectly.

Check out the floor plan layout (pictured to the right) developed by Legend Fitness to help Executive Coatings maximize the amount of equipment in their 721 square foot space.

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