East Kentwood High School – Legend Fitness
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East Kentwood High School

A public high school located just outside of Kentwood, Michigan, featuring Pro Series Half Cages in Mars Red with Jet Black crossmembers and attachments. ThePro Series Benches are Mars Red with black upholstery and embroidered falcon logos on the wearguards. Amazingly, all 18 of the Half Cages sit atop Legend’s innovative VibePlate Platforms. Each cage and platform is also complemented with a Partner Glute/Ham Developer. Elsewhere in this truly state-of-the-art facility are various pin select and plate-loaded Legend items that are all beneficial to developing young athletes, such as a Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper, a Unilateral Leg Press, Standing Leg Curls, Leg Extension machines and a Cable Crossover Plus. Cardio duties are addressed with various SportsArt machines.

All Legend Fitness equipment is finished in Mars Red and Jet Black with black pads

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