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Cartersville High School

When Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia wanted to redo their weight room they came to Legend Fitness to get it done. The Canes’ new weight room is full of top-of-the-line Legend Fitness equipment and was built for powerhouse athletes to get even stronger! The rows of cages are made up of Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cages with Dual Landmines, Pull-Up Spheres, and Bench Docking Systems and Pro Series Modular Half Cages with Fusion 1 and Fusion 6 Modules. Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Benches fit the cages perfectly. Additional Three-Way Utility Benches with Spotter Platforms align nicely along multiple dumbbell storage units, packed with weights secured by Legend Fitness. The space also features a turf area set up for building explosive athletes, with Performance Plyo Cushions and Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sleds. There are also Unilateral Leg Presses, Belt Squat Machines and Pro Series Glute/Ham Developers for building ever-important posterior chain strength. In addition to the equipment, Legend Fitness also secured bars, weights, dumbbells, and other weight room accessories to help finish off this space.

The Canes’ training center is personalized from the ground up. The rolled rubber flooring features the Canes logo in the platform areas. The dumbbells and weight plates have custom Canes logos on them as well. The benches have custom logo embroidery on the wearguards, protected by plastic covers, and there are custom shroud decals on the Fusion 1 modules. Even the cages have laser-cut crossmembers featuring the Canes logo. But what really makes this space one of a kind is the equipment. All Legend Fitness equipment is finished in Textured Black with a custom satin-finish purple accent color. Truly a stand-out space!

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