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Camden High School Strength & Conditioning Center

After spending the last 20 years of my life training myself or coaching athletes, I understand the value of having a properly equipped facility. Legend Fitness Equipment allowed our dream to become a reality by providing us the high quality, commercial grade equipment that we needed to withstand daily use by our student athletes. Working with Christian and the Legend team has been seamless over the last 2 years and we look forward to Legend Fitness fulfilling any of our future needs in the years to come.

Aaron Linder, ATC-L, CWPC

Certified Athletic Trainer & Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach, Camden Central School District

Camden High School in Camden, New York needed a bigger training facility for their robust athletic program, kindergarten through twelfth grade PE classes, and pre-school community hours. The 1,000 square foot facility they had just wasn’t cutting it, so they looked at converting a gym that was rarely used into a new strength and conditioning center. With the support of the board of education and the superintendent, it took about a year to convert the new space. Now, the 4,000 square feet of space and an additional 300 square feet of storage is put through rigorous use on a daily basis.

The space, furnished primarily with Legend Fitness equipment, is open to the Camden community before school opens. During the school day, students of all ages use the space for PE classes. After school hours means open lifts and teams are scheduled in the great new space. The Camden football, field hockey, baseball, softball, boys and girls golf, and even alpine skiing teams all use the facility to train and get stronger.

Finished in a color combo we don’t see as often as we’d like–Olympia White with Patriot Blue accents and Royal Blue upholstery–the Legend Fitness equipment in this facility stands out strong against dark flooring and blue walls. We also helped the school secure flooring and the weights they needed to finish the facility and make sure it was ready for athletes to train and the community to enjoy.


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