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Army Reserve Officer’s Home Gym

If you're going to be anything, be world class. Be Legendary.

A home gym that was built using American-made equipment and filled with inspiring images, all put together by an Army Reserve Officer with a passion for both working out and restoring vintage equipment… what’s not to love?

This Annandale, Virginia setup is no doubt one of the most impressive home gyms we’ve seen in a long time! A 400 square foot space that is packed with Legend Fitness equipment and an impressive York Barbell collection. All of the dumbbells and plates, as well as most of the barbells, are vintage York Barbell from the 1950’s until the 1990’s. This lifting enthusiast refinished or refurbished them all himself. “Everything was made in America, just like Legend Fitness,” he says. Like we said, impressive!

With the exception of the Grappler (which is Jet Black), the owner chose to keep his equipment more on the simple side, with all of this frames and attachments finished in our durable Silver Vein finish. The Three-Way Utility Bench and Squat Stool are upholstered in Mandarin Orange and pop nicely against the purple walls. The Seated Calf, Leg Extension/Curl, and Lat/Low Row are a bit more subtle, accented with Sky Blue upholstery. 

In addition to filling his space with some incredible, USA-made equipment, this former government official then took the time to adorn the walls with a carefully curated selection of inspiring artwork. In addition to some original artwork (like the York posters, and pieces from Zuver’s Gym), you may spot some some signed pics from Tommy Kono, Norb Schemansky, Dave Draper, Franco, and Frank Zane.  There are even some photos from our photoshoot with Whitney Jones and Carlene Steenekamp.

“It’s taken six years to get here. It’s where I want it to be,” he says, and believe us when we say we totally understand! Surely this is one home gym where the photos don’t do it justice… and also one that sets the bar pretty high.

Photography by John Choe

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