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Anytime Fitness in Wellington, CO

The owner of Anytime Fitness in Wellington, Colorado came to Legend Fitness after doing lots of research on equipment manufacturers. He knew he wanted something different for his Anytime Fitness franchise. By different, he wanted equipment that was commercial grade in every regard. Pieces that looked the part as far as powder coat and upholstery colors go, but that were also clearly built for someone who isn’t your average gym-goer. He wanted his Anytime Fitness location to have equipment that was built with strength in mind, and could handle someone loading and dropping 500+ pounds on it. Equipment he could only find at Legend Fitness.

When you walk in to the Wellington, Colorado location, you know you’re in an Anytime Fitness, but you also know it’s not your average franchise. Whether you’re 17 years old and new to the gym, or if you’re 35 years old and wanting to test your one rep max on a competition bench, this gym is the place for you. The facility is an amazing place to achieve any strength and fitness goal by anyone motivated enough to drive there and walk through the door.

All of the equipment at the Wellingon, Colorado Anytime Fitness is finished in Ebony Chrome with Gunmetal upholstery.

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