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Adidas The Base Moscow

World-renowned athletic apparel manufacturer Adidas is using facilities in several international cities that they refer to as “The Bases” to support fitness initiatives and to provide fitness education. These facilities also feature state-of-the-art training areas. A great variety of equipment brands are featured here, as each supplied piece of equipment is chosen for that brand’s reputation for excellence in their respective fields, and we are thrilled to say that via MFitness, our Russian distributor, Legend was chosen to supply Pro Series cages and insert platforms to outfit the Olympic lifting area of Adidas’ Moscow installation.

We’re delighted to know that our expertise in providing the best athletic development and Olympic lifting equipment in the world is known in such far away places and to such respected companies as Adidas. A big shout out to Darya and the team at MFitness for helping make this happen.

All equipment featured in Jet Black and Storm Gray with black pads and the insert platforms have the optional all-rubber lifting surfaces.

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