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2XL Powerlifting

2XL Powerlifting (also known as 2XL Strength & Fitness) is a private powerlifting club in Lombard, Illinois. 2XL Powerlifting specializes in strength training, competition training, competition preparation, and seminars, and is also the home of Team Stone. When they were looking for some serious equipment to add to their facility, the 2XL team knew Legend Fitness would deliver.

The 2XL facility boasts some classic Legend equipment, as well as some unique pieces that are hard to find at ordinary gyms. You’ll find our Incline Lever Row, a Destroyer, the plate-loaded Leg Extension/Curl Combo, and a plate-loaded Standing Leg Curl nestled among some of our favorite LeverEDGE pieces. The LeverEDGE Shoulder Press, Seated Vertical Row, and Seated Bicep Curl all provide a nice backdrop for the ultra-versatile LeverEDGE Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift and the unique plate-loaded Belt Squat Machine.

Finished in Mars Red with Black upholstery, the Legend Fitness equipment at 2XL Powerlifting surely makes powerlifters in the Lombard area rejoice… at least until it’s leg day. No one rejoices on leg day.

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