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Legend Fitness Territory Manager Ryan Walker
About Ryan:

I’m the West Coast Legend Fitness manager who can help you out with strength, cardio, flooring, and weights. Whether you operate a high school weight room, a private training studio, a 24 hour gym, or anything in-between—I can help! I have an extensive background in sport and training, helping me appreciate your needs. I can make you a floor plan showing a to-scale look at our equipment in your facility to help you design and outfit the gym of your dreams. Read on for more info on me, or scroll down to learn more about Legend.

I’ve lived all over the world, played many different sports, and trained competitively since I was a kid. Growing up in Australia meant I was given the choice of playing rugby or cricket seasonally. Naturally I decided to play both. Other past times of mine included squash, boxing, surf lifesaving, and training my boomerang to come back.

Fast forward to later life, I moved to America and threw myself into everything American I could. I played football to dropkick extra points, baseball to learn to use a rounded bat, and of course got into weight training as well. I continue to play competitive rugby today, where I recently won a men’s National Championship.

My job prior to Legend Fitness was with a company where my role was to source a manufacturer for our metal goods. I scoured the country high and low for a company who makes a great quality commercial grade custom product using American raw materials and laborers. Inevitably, my search brought me to Legend, where I eventually not only found a manufacturer, but a new employer.

If you are in need of the best strength and fitness equipment in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out! You won’t be disappointed.

What Ryan’s Customers Have to Say:

“I’m a small gym owner and we needed some help during the COVID shutdowns in April/May developing a plan to get the best equipment for my members do to their homework workouts from what was still available. Well clicking around on Amazon and other retailers was a waste of time. I’m super grateful to Ryan and the rest of the crew at Legend Fitness. They were super responsive and knew exactly what could be done. Thanks guys for helping us sort through the mess and helping my clients pullups stay on track!” — Joshua S.

“Fantastic experience dealing with Ryan Walker from Legend Fitness. Ryan was always quick to answer my questions, update quotes, and place orders for my garage gym equipment. I absolutely love the adjustable box jump cushions and bumper plates that I ordered and the pricing was great. Will definitely be ordering with Legend again soon!” — Josh B.

“Purchased a Performance Series Half Cage from Legend during the Covid-19 shutdown that had derailed essentially all home gym equipment sales. Legend was able to take and complete my order when other companies were simply rejecting new orders. The quality of the cage itself is great, and I expect it to last a very long time. I did have a minor issue with one of the safety arms, but when I pointed it out Legend shipped me a replacement arm at no additional cost to me. (I’ve been helped by Ryan Walker throughout this process, who has been fantastic) I would purchase from Legend again, pandemic or not.” — Jordan T.

“I purchased the plated loaded lat pulldown/low row, plate loaded leg ext/leg curl, and plate loaded calf raise. All three pieces of equipment are incredibly solid and commercial grade! Fantastic machines, very durable, and feel great to use. Amazing equipment and excellent customer service from Ryan, you can’t go wrong with Legend Fitness!!!” — Mark Z.

“This company truly cares about their customer relationships and the customer’s buying experience as much as they do about their world-class fitness equipment and quality. My rep consulted me on all aspects of my purchase, from advising on equipment purchases, assisting with those purchases even when not manufactured by Legend, to helping with acquisition of non-equipment purchases such as flooring, and ensuring I ultimately ended up with an exceptional home gym experience overall, including consultation for installing the flooring. They were highly responsive towards meeting all of my home gym needs every time I had a need or question. If you’re in the market for fitness equipment, Legend should be at the top of your list.” — Joe G.

“I recently ordered and received my new legend rack and bench.  The rep that helped me was Ryan Walker. I have to say he was an amazing help to me. He was very patient answering my 30+ emails. He was prompt and very informative with all my questions. In all of my customer service experience in any field it was by far the best.  Which made me buy from you guys versus the competitors. So I just wanted to say thanks to him and you guys for an A+ service.”  — Winson U.

Contact Ryan Walker:

Email: rwalker@legendfitness.com
Phone: 720-340-8281

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Check out some of Ryan’s work:

US Special Forces, NW United States

Ryan worked with the Special Forces to outfit the largest military training center in the US with Legend Fitness equipment and ECORE flooring. This beautiful facility was put together from the floor up and includes free-standing Continuum rigs, Pro Series Modular Power Cages with Fusion modules, custom nameplates, and all of the attachments you could dream of. The space also has all sorts of benches with custom embroidered wear guards. The ECORE Ultra Tile floor has striking inlaid logos and ten fully custom platforms. The 5000 square feet of ECORE TurfX boasts a custom logo and hash lines for various training exercises.

See the US Special Forces Training Center

Colorado State Rec Center

The Recreation Department of Colorado State recently invested heavily in their facilities, with an eye towards expanding the available area to include Olympic lifting and to open up the power lifting area a bit more. An extensive suite of Legend products with custom wearguards and platforms were installed, providing a functional facility that caters to a variety of student training needs.

Tour the Colorado State Rec Center

Legacy High School

With Ryan’s help, Legacy High School took their weight room from cramped to efficient. A medium sized high school with a modestly sized weight room is the norm, but this weight room is anything but. We’ve comfortably fit eight of our Pro Series Double Sided Half Racks into the space, giving a total of 16 racks, and catering comfortably to 50+ athletes on the racks alone at any one time. Once you add in the other equipment and free weight area, this weight room is every coach’s dream.

Brendon Feddema, the school’s athletic director, says, “When we struggled to fit up to 40 kids in the weight room, we can now comfortably have over 50 kids working at the same time. We are incredible grateful to work with Legend, and are excited to improve all our weight lifting courses.”

Check out their new gym

Flooring Showcase: Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies called Legend Fitness to help them with their multi-million dollar Coors Field off-season stadium renovation. Ryan was able to help them re-outfit their weight room, the tunnel leading out to the dugout, and lockers. Check out this impressive flooring showcase!

Take a Look at the Colorado Rockies Facility

West Park High School

West Park High School is a new school located northeast of Sacramento, CA, and thanks to Legend Fitness the Panthers have the best athletic training facility in the region. 

Highlights include Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cages and Pro Series Half Cages with bumper plate weight pegs, our innovative Rotating Destroyer Arms, and laser-cut nameplates. There’s enough Pro Series benches, Partner GHDs, and Pro Series Power Sleds to make sure everyone is busy. There’s also several Multi Storage Racks stacked to the gills with plates, medicine balls, hex bars and more.

See the West Park High School Athletic Training Facility

Executive Coatings

When Executive Coatings needed a place for their employees to stay fit they turned to Legend Fitness to make it happen. Ryan worked with Executive Coatings to plan out the space and the equipment needed to make sure the space was functional without being over-crowded. They are extremely happy with how their 721 square foot space turned out. In fact, some employees even dropped their gym memberships because their company’s gym has nicer equipment than the one they were paying to work out at! Check out the showcase and read the great testimonial from Executive Coatings.

See Executive Coatings’ Corporate Gym

Glory Gains

Glory Gains is a personal training gym in North Scottsdale, Arizona. The 10,000+ square foot space boasts some great-looking Legend Fitness equipment. From plate-loaded LeverEDGE to pin select, and cardio equipment to bodyweight stations, Glory Gains has everything the serious gym-goer could want and then some. Add a 40 yard turf field and a slew of free weights and medicine balls into the freshly rehabbed space, and you’ve got the gym of dreams!

Check out Glory Gains

Englewood High School Floorplan & Mockup

The Legend Fitness sales team goes above and beyond when it comes to helping customers design the space that’s ideal for their needs, and Ryan is no exception. The floorplan and mockup provided to Englewood High School show a perfect utilization of space and a level of personalization that no other strength equipment company in the industry can match.

Designing a weight room in an irregular shaped and sized space produced an amazing layout abundant with custom features and quality equipment. When you first enter the weight room there is a huge open area with GHDs and cardio. As you step over the custom floor logo you run into a 25 yard long turf area complete with custom yard lines. On either side of the turf, there are 10 Pro Series Half Cages which are connected via eight foot pull up bars. Each rack also boasts a full set of Power Block dumbbells. There are few high school weight rooms out there as custom and fully equipped as this one!

Air Force Academy

For this space we had to totally redesign the dimensions of our racks to fit in all the custom features the coaching staff wanted. Additionally, our goal was to fit 56 half racks into the space, which meant resizing and shaping our equipment to ensure it would all fit into the space. Each rack from platform end to platform end runs 25+ feet, and can cater to four athletes simultaneously performing Olympic or Power movements. The rotating jammer arms, overhead dynamic ladders, rock climbing pull up grips, and landmine attachments are just some of the other features you can find at each rack. This weight room is the epitome of an elite sports performance training facility.

3D Fitness

A hardcore strength gym for body builders, strongmen, and figure models needs a little bit of everything—which is exactly what we’ve given 3D Fitness. A comprehensive plate loaded area, an abundance of selectorized equipment, cardio, free weights, and a turf area for core and functional movements; this place has everything, plus ample room so that nothing feels cramped!

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