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Equipment in Action Videos

See Legend Fitness Equipment Put to the Test

Pretty pictures on equipment pages are one thing, but if you are uncertain about how Legend Fitness equipment can be integrated into your workout, check out this section to see some of our more popular items being put through their paces.

Demo of the Pro Series GHDH Combo

This is a quick demonstration of the functions and features of the versatile Pro Series GHDH Combo, straight from the shop floor of Legend Fitness World Headquarters!

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE Seated Tricep Press

Perform traditional dips and bench-style dips with this versatile tricep blaster. Lever arms can be linked or used independently.

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE Seated Vertical Row

Burn those lats with this plate-loaded beast that’s adjustable to different arm lengths, handles that offer four hand grip positions, and much more.

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE Lat Pulldown

It’s a plate-loaded variation on a machine that’s usually seen as a pin select device in most gyms. But for gyms that are heavy on plates, the LeverEDGE 6005 the only answer.

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE High Row

A plate-loaded high row? Yes, and it’s a smooth operator that provides another angle (about 45 degrees, actually) in back exercise. Hit the back in a new way with the LeverEDGE 6009.

Fast Showroom Demo - Partner Glute Ham

It’s the most affordable GHD on the market, but it still gets the job done. Great for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Despite the name, this quick look shows that you don’t have to have a partner to use it, either.

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE Incline Chest Press

The incline is where it’s at for definition and size, and the LeverEDGE Incline Chest is packed with the features to please.

Fast Showroom Demo - LeverEDGE Vertical Wide Chest Press

The chest press that gives you a deep stretch, is built to the highest standards, and takes up less floorspace. Here’s what it looks like to use one.

Pro Series Stealth Leg Press

The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press! It’s much more than just a leg press.

Performance Plyo Cushions - Erin Stern

Erin Stern, Team Legend member, track and field All-American and two-time Ms. Olympia Fitness, gets in a workout on our Performance Plyo Cushions in this brief, music-driven video.

3130 Glute/Ham Developer

Just a little informal footage of our standard glute/ham developer being put through its paces while we demonstrate proper knee placement as well as ease of adjustment. The 3130 is everything an athlete needs to get a thorough burning sensation in the glutes and hammies, as well as the resulting increases in running speed, acceleration and jumping ability.

Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer

See a few exercises being performed on our Pro Series GHD during the 2009 CSCCa trade show.

Advanced GHD Exercises

You can do more on a glute/ham developer than just glute/ham raises! Watch this vid to see a few examples of routines you might not have thought of yet. Features the Legend Fitness Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer.

Landmine Drills

An older video from the 2009 CSCCa show that demonstrates a few exercises that are made possible by the incredibly versatile Legend landmine cage attachments.

Performance Plyo Cushions

Safer and more effective than traditional plyo boxes, Performance Plyo Cushions are one of the most capable plyometric tools on the market. Watch this video to learn how they can be used in a variety of applications.

Varsity Glute/Ham Developer

The most economical of our elevated glute/ham developers, the Varsity GHD features a bolt-together construction for more affordable shipping costs. While not as fully welded as the rest of our GHD line, this video will demonstrate the impressive rigidity still inherent in our design.

Prone High Row

See this unique device in action to better understand just how it focuses on the upper back, while removing the rest of the body from the exercise. Great for rehab and sport specific applications.

Yessis Glute Ham Back Machine

Dr. Yessis himself, in a dingy gym  somewhere, instructing on the proper use of the Yessis Glute Ham Back Machine! Some great points in here on the proper execution of the glute ham raise.

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