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VibePlate Platform

Model #7007

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VibePlate Platform

Model #7007



“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


  • Goals can be reached up to twice as fast using Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) training.
  • Take advantage of WBV while doing standing exercises or bench work.
  • Designed for use with the 2440 VibePlate and Legend 3226 Pro Series Half Cage only.


  • Technology clinically demonstrated to provide quicker gains in athletic muscle growth & explosive power while reducing recovery time
  • Massive 2×6-inch rectangular tubing has more structural integrity than competitor’s frames built with channel steel
  • Thick ¾-inch rubber surface
  • 6 inches of multi-layer impact protection and absorption
  • Only 4 frame pieces (including ramp) ease assembly and add rigidity
  • Variable vibration frequency (10-60 hz) in the preferred vibration form (2mm vertical)

This is something the world has never seen before. The studies have shown that sports performance goals can be reached up to twice as fast using Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) training. Legend Fitness is the first to incorporate this technology into a beefy lifting platform. By adding the benefits of WBV training to cage workouts, but with the enhanced safety and convenience of having the vibration plate inside the platform itself, the Legend Fitness 7007 has the potential to provide gains where the rest of the world’s conventional platforms cannot.

Simply put, by flipping a switch, an athlete can gain a competitive edge with every cage exercise.

Implementing VibePlate‘s 24×40 vibration platform within the platform itself eliminates the risk of stumbling and allows users to safely take full advantage of Whole Body Vibration while doing standing exercises or bench work with the Legend 3226 Pro Series Half Cage. Several scientific white papers have demonstrated that adding WBV to weighted resistance training accelerates results by stimulating fast twitch muscle fiber, augmenting neuromuscular pathways, and increasing muscular blood flow during traditional strength training. According to the Journal of Sports Sciences, athletes will gain strength, speed and mobility faster than conventional training, and with decreased recovery times.

The rest of the usual Legend value and quality is there, too, with a three-piece welded 2″ x 6″ tube frame, precision-cut rubber flooring and reasonable pricing. The frame is available in all standard frame colors, while the ramp is only available in black.

Designed for use with the 2440 VibePlate and Legend 3226 Pro Series Half Cage only. VibePlate sold separately.

More about the 2440 VibePlate: Measuring 24×40 and built of solid steel. Implements the 2mm vertical vibration form (as opposed to the oscillating form) that is preferred by experts. Frequency is adjustable from 10-60 hz. For more information, visit VibePlate’s homepage at

NOTE: Overtraining with WBV is a genuine risk. Seek proper education in WBV methods before using. The VibePlate Platform was designed to augment cage exercises, and as such the platform area in front of the cage is not designed to be large enough for cleans and other dynamic Olympic lifts.

There is a flyer for this product available on our Resources page. Click here to download it now. For more information about whole body vibration check out this blog post.

7007 VibePlate Platform Dimensions

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