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Varsity Series Glute/Ham Developer

Model #7003

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Varsity Series Glute/Ham Developer

Model #7003


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Cost-effective posterior training.
  • Bolt-together design for lower shipping charges.
  • Split thigh pad.


The Varsity Series Glute/Ham Developer is our most economical solution for exercising the core and posterior chain. The bolt-together design makes shipping more affordable, but flanges welded on the bolted joints keep things strong and sturdy. Forged pop pins provide secure adjustments. The Varsity Series Glute/Ham Developer comes with split pad for extra comfort. This piece has been a big hit in the functional cross training community. It also great for schools on a tight budget, or for home gyms.

The bench transport option is available as an add-on. This provides a raised set of wheels on the back, so that the Varsity Series Glute/Ham Developer can just be tilted and rolled away when it needs to be relocated.

7003 Varsity Glute/Ham Developer GHD Dimensions

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