Smith Machine

Model #3124

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Smith Machine

Model #3124


  • 25-lb counter-balanced Olympic bar.
  • 5° path of motion.
  • Shielded linear bearings glide on chrome-plated, case-hardened, solid steel rods.
  • Chrome-plated, Olympic peg plate storage.
  • Aviation-grade cables.
  • PowerMax glass-reinforced pulleys prolong cable life.


You’ve looked high and low for that one piece. Well, look no further. Start with a counterbalanced Olympic Bar that puts the starting weight at 25 pounds. Marvel at linear bearings that keep things running smoothly. The ABS-covered safety pegs are a flip of the wrist away. Six chrome pegs allow tons of plate storage. A full-range movement and a 5° path of motion make this a gym favorite. A Dupont powder-coated frame tops it all off. Train on!

3124 Smith Machine Dimensions

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