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Sissy Squat

Model #3162

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Sissy Squat

Model #3162


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Adjustable calf pad with chrome plated adjustment surfaces.
  • Upholstered foot rollers.
  • 18.5-inch-wide pad is contoured and top-stitched.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.


Our Sissy Squat is thoughtfully but simply designed to make sissy squats more comfortable without sacrificing the benefits of the exercise. Solidly constructed from three-inch square tubing, the Sissy Squat boasts chrome-plated adjustment points for scratch resistance and ultra durability. The upholstered foot roller holds your feet in place comfortably. The adjustable calf pad is 18.5 inches wide, top-stitched for durability, and contoured, so there’s no pinching, regardless of your leg length.

Because your legs are locked in place, you don’t need to hold onto anything. That means there’s a direct transmission of resistance to your legs! Once you’ve mastered the bodyweight sissy squat, nothing is holding you back from stepping it up. So go ahead and add weight. Having both arms free means it’s easy to hang onto a medicine ball, a plate, or even a barbell. You can also modify the sissy squat and work your abs on top of it.

Bottom line? The Sissy Squat is a whole lot of leg devastation in a very small footprint. Step into the Sissy Squat and do a few reps… your quads will feel like lava in no time!

3162 Sissy Squat Dimensions

Wondering where the term “sissy squat” comes from? We looked into it. Read the blog post here. That one was so popular that we asked Dr. Ken to write about the topic. He didn’t disappoint! Check his post out here.

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