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Single LandMine

Model #3233

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Single LandMine

Model #3233


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Provides multiple ground-based exercises that can be performed in front of the cage.
  • Secures to pre-drilled holes via a single pop pin.
  • Works with Pro Series cages and Performance Series cages only.


Take your workout outside the cage with all the possibilities that our unique LandMine can offer. Secure an Olympic bar in the sleeve, slip a weight onto the other end, and do a variety of exercises like shoulder presses, rows, cleans and laterals. Seamlessly move from one exercise to another. Increase weight room capacity by having two people working out on one cage. The LandMine maximizes the functionality of any Legend cage!

Note: Some older Performance Series cages may not be pre-drilled to accept LandMine attachments. Call to speak with a Legend sales representative before ordering.

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