72-Inch Side-to-Side Connector for Pro Series and Modular Cages

Model #3221-72C

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72-Inch Side-to-Side Connector for Pro Series and Modular Cages

Model #3221-72C


ÔÇťAmerican Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


These are crossmembers that you need to connect a row of Pro Series or Modular Series Cages side-by-side, allowing all cages to brace one another for increased rigidity, while providing extra pull-up stations and attachment points for suspension trainers, ropes and rings. Constructed of 3×3-inch box tubing with four-bolt mounting brackets on each end for a very solid connection between cages.

Pull-up stations consist of a “floating”, angled wide-grip pull-up bar on one side and neutral grip rods on the other, both equipped with foam rubber grips. Pre-drilled to accept the optional 3252 Swivel-Grip Pull-Up Handles. Although, as stated above, many of our customers have also used these crossmembers as mounting points for muscle up rings or suspension training systems such as those made by TRX.

Available in both 72- and 96-inch varieties. The 96-inch model is preferred for additional barbell clearance, whereas the 72-inch model is available for constricted floorplans. The 96-inch connector is model number 3221-96C.

Due to differences in mounting bracket size and bolt hole placement, these crossmembers may only be used in connecting cages side-to-side. Compatible with both Modular Pro Series cages and standard Pro Series cages.


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