SelectEDGE Seated Pullover

Model #1114

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SelectEDGE Seated Pullover

Model #1114


  • Foot lever brings the handles to a comfortable starting position.
  • Large cable cam keeps the effort consistent and more direct.
  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • Thick, upholstered forearm pads for extra comfort.
  • Mechanically-assisted seat adjustment.
  • 200-pound weight stack standard. Upgrade available.


The seated pullover is an exercise that works the chest and back, and is a favorite among body builders or anyone that is looking to add strength and definition to their pecs and lats at the same time. Doing pullovers with a dumbbell or barbell, however, can be a bit risky if you’re working with heavier weights and don’t have a spotter. Enter the SelectEDGE Seated Pullover. It is perfect for working on refining your chest and back in an ultra-controlled manner without needing to rely on a spotter.

The upholstered elbow pads and 1.5-inch handles help you keep your form without sacrificing comfort. The foot pedal brings the weight to you so you’re not over-extending and risking injury. High quality pillow block bearings are durable and very smooth. The large cable cam keeps the effort real and the thickly padded seat keeps you comfortable so you can concentrate on what matters: the reps.

Like all other SelectEDGE products, this machine comes standard with mandrel-bent tubing, an enclosed weight stack, and two-tone upholstery. It is easy to use and comfort-focused, while still remaining stylish.

Weight stack info

The SelectEDGE Seated Pullover comes standard with a 200-pound weight stack. You can upgrade to a 240-pound weight stack.

1114 SelectEDGE Seated Pullover Dimensions

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