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SelectEDGE Seated Lateral Raise

Model #1112

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SelectEDGE Seated Lateral Raise

Model #1112


Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • Arm rollers and seat adjust for user comfort.
  • Pivoting handles adjust to arm length.
  • 150-pound weight stack is standard.
  • Can be used for bilateral and unilateral exercises.
  • Easy pop pin adjustment.
  • No-cost two-tone upholstery.


If you want to focus on shoulder definition, it’s hard to do better than the SelectEDGE Seated Lateral Raise. The seated position helps isolate the middle deltoids as it minimizes the involvement of additional muscle groups. The lever arms constantly adjust with roller pads and pivoting handles, which preserves natural movement. The weight stack placement makes it easy to quickly adjust the weight for step-down sets. Bonus – you you don’t need a spotter!

Combine all this with the sleek design and high quality components, and you have a winner for any strength facility.

Weight Stack Info:

The SelectEDGE Seated Lateral Raise comes standard with a 150 pound weight stack. No adder plates are included. A 200 pound weight stack is available as an optional upgrade.

1112 SelectEDGE Seated Lateral Raise

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