SelectEDGE Multi Press

Model #1124

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SelectEDGE Multi Press

Model #1124


  • Linear bearings provide very easy and smooth seat back adjustments.
  • 11 seat back angles – adjusts from flat to 110 degrees in 9-degree increments.
  • 5 handle assembly angles.
  • Partially hidden cables.
  • 240-pound weight stack is standard, with upgrades available.


With eleven possible seat back adjustments, the SelectEDGE Multi Press offers a multitude of chest and back exercises. What’s even better? It switches between those positions with ease thanks to high-end linear bearings gliding on a chrome-plated guide rod.

Users can adjust the closed-cell foam grips at five angles for even more versatility. The contoured seat pads of the SelectEDGE Multi Press feature high quality foam and top-stitched upholstery. This all makes for unparalleled comfort and stability.

All of the typical SelectEDGE features are here too. Things like partially hidden cables, PowerMax pulleys, aviation-grade cables and contemporary styling.

Weight stack info:

The standard weight stack on the SelectEDGE Multi Press is 240 pounds in 20-pound increments. It can be upgraded to 300 pounds, also in 20-pound increments. There are two 5-pound adder plates.

1124 SelectEDGE Multipress Dimensions
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