SelectEDGE Leg Extension

Model #1108

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SelectEDGE Leg Extension

Model #1108


  • Cable cam evenly distributes effort through each rep.
  • Fully upholstered and articulated leg rollers.
  • Extra long grab handles.
  • Seat back adjusts for user thigh length.
  • 150-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments with five-pound adder plate.
  • Effort reduction minimized for better weight feel.


The SelectEDGE Leg Extension is full of thoughtfully-designed features. The angled seat helps keep users in place and increases the range of motion. Users of all heights can use the machine, thanks to the adjustable seat back and long handles. The seat pads and leg rollers are made from durable, yet comfortable, foam and are covered in 32-ounce stain-resistant vinyl, with two-tone upholstery standard. The weight stack is easy to reach when seated, so adjustments can be made quickly. A fully welded cam on the backside of the leg pendulum helps maintain effort throughout each rep. The sleek design of the SelectEDGE Leg Extension partially hides the cables within the frame itself. The modular frame design makes maintenance less of a hassle.

Weight stack info:

The SelectEDGE Leg Extension comes with a 150-pound weight stack made up of 10-pound plates. It also has a five-pound adder plate. An upgrade to a 240-pound weight stack in 20-pound increments is available.

1108 SelectEDGE Leg Extension

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