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SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo

Model #1120

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SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo

Model #1120


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Key innovation: two-position seat makes switching between exercises simple.
  • Patent-protected MAG handles minimize the need for wrist straps or gloves.
  • UHMW polymer footplate provides a high traction surface and doubles as the row handle rest.
  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • Steel tower shroud.
  • 250 pound weight stack in 10 pound increments standard, upgrade available.
  • No-cost two-tone upholstery.


Thanks to some key innovations, the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo is the most user-friendly pulldown/row machine in our line of products. Our engineers put some clever thinking into making this a machine that requires little effort to switch between pulldowns and rows.

The first highlight is the easy exercise setup. No handles or footplates need to be disconnected or removed. Second, the two-position seat moves from pulldown position to row position easily. The seat remains stable in both positions. Third, the patented MAG handles offer unique grips that make gloves and wrist straps unnecessary, even at higher weight reps. Scroll down to see a video of the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo in use.

All of the other SelectEDGE cues are there, from the sleek design to the heavy duty cable assembly. It is available in two-tone powder coat colors with two-tone upholstery available as a no-cost option.

Weight stack info

The standard weight stack on the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo is 250 pounds. An upgrade to 300 pounds is available. No adder plates are included.

There is a blog post featuring this item. Read it here.

1120 SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo Dimensions

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