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SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo

Model #1123

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SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo

Model #1123


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Cam design equalizes effort between inner/outer thigh exercises.
  • Cam-adjusted seat offers seven backrest angles.
  • Switch between exercises with a single pop pin.
  • Dense foam padding features high-quality, top-stitched upholstery.
  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • 200 pound weight stack in 10-pound increments. Upgrade available.
  • No-cost two-tone upholstery.


The SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo is a complete machine for thigh adduction and abduction exercises. Like the rest of the SelectEDGE line, this piece features sleek, modern looks. The good looks didn’t come at the cost of function. Quite the opposite, actually. The aviation-grade cables are routed inside the frame. Besides that, the cables run across an all new pulley system, minimizing slack. Also, The cable cam was also enlarged to help equalize effort from inner to outer thigh. Finally, the contoured seat pads are made with high quality, top-stitched upholstery. Two-tone upholstery is standard.

The SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo is easy to use. Users can switch between inner and outer thigh positions with a single pop pin. There are six different angle options. The back rest has seven angles of adjustment thanks to a thick, chrome-plated cam arm. Combined, these things mean that even users with limited flexibility will be comfortable.

All this, plus made-in-America quality, makes this the only thigh combo machine worthy of the SelectEDGE name.

Weight stack info:

The SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo comes with a 200 pound weight stack. You can upgrade the weight stack to 250 pounds. No adder plates.


1123 SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo Dimensions

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