SelectEDGE Glute Press

Model #1110

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SelectEDGE Glute Press

Model #1110


  • Huge 20×24-inch knee pad accommodates users of all sizes.
  • Footplate is high density, flex-proof polymer with a grippy surface.
  • Linear bearings glide on solid steel, chrome-plated guide rods.
  • Movement is encased for safety.
  • Adjustable grab handle is nestled in an extra large arm pad.
  • 150-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments with five-pound adder plate.


Working your glutes can be awkward, but the SelectEDGE Glute Press makes it worthwhile. The generous 20- by 24-inch leg pad accommodates users of all shapes and sizes. It also allows for a variety of knee placements to approach the targeted muscles at different angles. The foot plate is constructed of a thick, durable polymer with a non-skid surface. It glides through its motion thanks to high-quality linear bearings on solid, chrome-plated rods. The whole thing is enclosed by steel panels for safety.

A large elbow pad and two closed-cell foam grips keep the upper body steady. The handles on the¬†SelectEDGE Glute Press are adjustable for length. The “direct pull” design provides accurate feel for the weight selected.

This machine features 2:1 pulley reduction. This means that any selected weight feels lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack.

Weight Stack info:

This machine to answers the call for both experienced and novice weightlifters. The SelectEDGE Glute Press comes with a 150-pound weight stack (with 10-pound plates). A five pound adder plate is also included. No upgrades are available.

1110 Glute Press


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