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Seated Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #945

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Seated Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #945


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • No pulley reduction for better weight feel.
  • Separate snap link and cable for the row function.
  • Long seat accommodates a wide variety of user statures.
  • ABS wearguards protect frame finish from swinging lat bar.


With the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo nothing is given up at the expense of its dual functionality. And not only is this one the real deal, it’s also deceptively simple to use. Front to back and top to bottom, the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo is everything you need. It offers space efficiency and a user friendly design. Minimal adjustments make for more efficient workouts, and also make more gains a given.

It comes with chrome-plated row and pulldown handles. A single cable release point makes it easy to swap from one exercise to another. Swap out the footplates for the thigh rollers and you are ready to rock and roll.

Weight stack information

A 200-pound weight stack with 10 pound plates is standard. Upgrades to 250-pound and 300-pound weight stacks are available, both in 10-pound increments.

There is a blog post featuring this item. Read it here.

945 Seated Lat/Low Row Combo Dimensions

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