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Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo

Model #976-GH

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Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo

Model #976-GH


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Posterior chain training in user-friendly selectorized form, plus bodyweight glute/ham developer attachment.
  • Smooth, quick adjustments with pop pins and chrome-plated surfaces.
  • Rollover pad design increases hip comfort.
  • Range of motion provides more low back stretch than competitive designs.
  • Leg roller pad provides the articulation necessary for proper form during Reverse Back Extension.


At the center of athletic performance training is the importance of a strong posterior chain: low back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. This is where the athlete’s acceleration and speed is born. Glute/ham raises are a very effective form of training this muscle group, placing an emphasis on the hamstrings. The Reverse Back Extension places more of the emphasis on the lower back, a common problem area for athletes and non-athletes alike. Our Reverse Back Extension machine provides strength training in the concentric (lifting) phase and stretching in the eccentric (return) phase, blurring the line between power training and therapy, making the Reverse Back Extension a machine with a rehabilitation component, as well as an athletic training component.

But what if we combined the Reverse Back Extension machine with a Glute/Ham Developer? That’s what we did, and just like that, a new, all-in-one posterior chain developer was born.

Meet the Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo.

Our Performance Series Reverse Back Extension was modified to accommodate a diamond plate footplate that easily and quickly adjusts for length thanks to quality pop pins and chrome plated adjustment surfaces. The handles move out of the way with a single pop pin adjustment, and the relocated step makes it easy to mount or dismount the machine in either direction.

The rest of the high points of the Reverse Back Extension are still present.

  • 200-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments.
  • Tough but smooth pillow block bearings.
  • PowerMax pulleys.
  • Aviation-grade cables.
  • Constant tension on the swing arm prevents a swinging motion from occurring and requires as much effort on the last rep as on the first while also providing an essential stretch for the lower back.

NOTE: This machine features a 20 pound counterbalance to offset the weight of the roller pad and lever arm.

976-GH Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo

There is a flyer available for this product. It is available for download it here. There is also a blog post about this product.

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