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Pro Series Split Squat Roller Attachment

Model #3253

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Pro Series Split Squat Roller Attachment

Model #3253



“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


  • Fully upholstered in heavy duty stain-resistant 32 oz. vinyl.
  • Attaches securely with two case-hardened 1-inch diameter racking pins.
  • Fully welded for maximum durability and strength.


Bulgarian split squats, split lunges, one leg squats… no matter what you call it, rear foot elevated split squats (RFESS if you’re in a hurry) provide some definite gains in leg strength. When performed properly, they provide a very focused intensity on the major leg groups and when performed with dumbbells, they are the preferred compound leg exercise for those with back pain and burning desire to make their legs, uh, burn.

This Pro Series cage attachment will allow you to comfortably elevate one leg behind you while you torture the other. This attachment uses the same robust racking components as Pro Series Monster Hooks and Safety Arms, so it isn’t going anywhere. A thick steel sleeve with two 1-inch racking pins provide a very dependable connection to the frame of your Pro Series cage. This attachment may be used on an inside post for lifts inside the cage, or on the front post for lifts in front of the cage. The roller is constructed from dense open cell foam for a cushy feel and it is fully upholstered for durability.

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