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Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled

Model #3262

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Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled

Model #3262


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Multiple strap attachment points and handle options.
  • Tall chrome-plated Olympic-sized posts are removable and act as additional push handles.
  • Frame can be loaded with kettlebells for even more weight.
  • Sled feet are easily replaceable.


For an intense field (or parking lot) exercise that really gets the blood pumping and the legs churning, weighted sleds are the way to go. Sled pushes–and other various exercises using a sled–help build leg strength, explosiveness, acceleration, and overall athletic conditioning. It is one of the most versatile sleds available on the market today!

How it’s made.

  • The robust frame is built with 2×3-inch 11 gauge steel, whereas competitors’ sleds are built with smaller 2×2-inch tubing.
  • The chrome-plated push handles are more durable and will scratch, flake, and rust less (if at all). They double as load pegs and are secured by hefty rubber-coated knobs, which can be loosened to remove the pegs entirely.
  • The low handles are foam rubber-coated, which makes them more comfortable and secure when gripping them with sweaty hands.
  • Replaceable sled feet are secured by a single bolt. Replaceable feet help extend the life of your sled (and the value of your investment), especially when it’s used on abrasive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. The single bolt design makes swapping old feet for new ones quick and easy.
  • Three Olympic weight pegs give the user the option of centrally locating the weight or distributing it to the rear of the sled.
  • An additional frame crossmember increases frame rigidity and durability, but also creates “pockets” so users can load the sled with kettlebells for even more weight.

More options for more intense workouts.

  • The Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled offers more options for web handle and belt strap exercises because of more attachment points on both sides of the sled. There is a single attachment point on the pointed end and three attachment points on the wide end.
  • The Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled comes with two web handles with snap links.
  • An optional high handlebar is available.
  • The Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled weighs about 83 pounds empty and can be loaded up with more weight than the competition, with a price that makes it the best value in the market.

This product was featured in a blog post, which you may read here.

Attention Canadian customers: if your school district policy requires you to buy from a Canadian company, please ask us to introduce you to one of our Canadian dealers.

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