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Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #971

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Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #971


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Designed for minimal effort in transitioning between pulldowns/rows.
  • Extra large, 300-pound weight stack.
  • Direct pull 1:1 pulley ratio.
  • 38.25-inch long seat to accommodate users of all heights.
  • Supplied with wide grip lat bar and vee grip row handle.


Attachment changes, clipping or unclipping cables, or position changes can make for a confusing, time-sucking workout. That’s why the Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo was designed the way it was. This versatile solution for blazing back workouts allows you to switch between low rows and lat pulldowns without having to disconnect handles or switch positions. All you need to do is swap the knee rollers for the foot plates and you’re ready to go from one exercise to the next. Quick, efficient changes make for quick, efficient workouts.

Weight stack information

The Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo is a member of our line of heavy-duty performers. It comes with a hefty 300-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments.

There is a blog post featuring this item. Read it here.

971 PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo Dimensions

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