Pro Series Incline Lever Row

Model #3229

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Pro Series Incline Lever Row

Model #3229


  • Reduces low-back strain during lat work.
  • Handle offers wide and neutral grips.
  • Adjustable, wheeled footplates for quick adjustments.
  • Main frame is fully welded for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.
  • Chrome-plated, Olympic-sized weight peg.


Lat work is everything it’s supposed to be with the Pro Series Incline Lever Row. This simple design drastically reduces low-back strain and lets your lats do the work instead. Multi-position handgrips add variety and round out your training. Being a Pro Series item, the 3229 has been upgraded from the 3110 with adjustable, individual footplates for maximum comfort.

Weights sold separately.

3229 PRO SERIES Incline Lever Row Dimensions

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