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Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer

Model #3214

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Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer

Model #3214


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • 30-inch wide split pad.
  • Resistance band pegs.
  • Linear bearing-assisted footplate adjustment.
  • Wearguards protect from falling dumbbells.
  • Fully welded frame for the maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.


A strong posterior chain is important for any serious athlete. Glute/ham developers (or GHDs) are unique pieces designed to maximize results. All glute/ham developers are not created equal, however. The Legend Fitness Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer is a top-of-the-line, industrial strength GHD.

Built Legend strong, ultra stable, and with comfort in mind.

The Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer features a fully welded frame. This guarantees a durability and stability that can’t be found in bolt-together designs. Our product designers created this with large athletes in mind, using a 32-inch wide pad and footplate. After all, the wider your stance, the more the hips and glutes activate. Mounting and dismounting are easy thanks to a step up plate. Heavy duty polymer wear guards protect the front of the base, so things like dropped weights won’t be an issue. Because of this, your Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer will last for years.

Upholstered ankle rollers keep users stable and comfortable throughout the exercise, and adjust to better fit users of different statures. The split thigh pad features a half moon design. Therefore, users have a greater sense of stability and there is less sliding compared to rolling thigh pads. A knee pad at the base of the thigh pad offers extra stabilization. All upholstered parts are made from dense foam padding and finished with 32-ounce stain-resistant vinyl.

Smooth moves, easy adjustments, and built-in versatility.

The Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer is fully equipped with eight linear adjustments on tandem solid guide rods with four linear bearings. As a result, it is smooth, and one-handed footplate adjustments are a snap! Dual resistance band anchor points add an extra element of variety.


3214 PRO SERIES Glute/Ham Developer GHD Dimensions

If you’re looking for a version of this without the split thigh pad and the knee pad, ask your Territory Manager for item 5227. It has the same stability, smooth adjustments, and ease of use as this model, but offers a solid thigh pad and no knee support.

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